Roshni Devchand, M.P.H., C.H.E.S.

Associate Director, Strategic Planning and Research
Roshni DevchancdAs part of the firm’s strategic planning and research team, Roshni’s work for health and education clients spans situation analysis, strategic communications planning and audience segmentation, concept and materials testing, and evaluation studies.

Roshni holds a Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. She’s also a Certified Health Education Specialist (C.H.E.S.).

When she’s not juggling multiple client projects with ease and helping clients recognize the return on their investment, Roshni loves traveling, eating good food, staying active, and spending time with her husband, her son, and their Chocolate Lab mix rescue pup!

A left-brained engineer with a passion for right-brained work, Roshni uses her analytic thinking skills to plan, monitor, and evaluate our theory- and evidence-based approaches to making a difference. 

Roshni Devchand