Melissa Spade Cristler, M.A.

Senior Account Supervisor
Melissa is a senior member of the education team, with more than 15 years of experience ranging from managing after-school programs to conducting evaluations for a federal program.

Inspired by her students, Melissa earned an M.A. in education policy studies and continues to work each day to improve education for current and future generations.

She demonstrates exceptional skill in project management and outreach efforts. Melissa commands a thorough knowledge of large-scale assessment along with federal and state education policy and practice. She currently oversees public relations efforts for the National Center for Education Statistics’ National Assessment of Educational Progress, including strategic planning, digital and social media, materials development, partnership opportunities, and speaking engagements. She also manages Hager Sharp’s work to promote The Nature Conservancy’s Nature Works Everywhere program, an online resource center that unites her passions for education and the environment.

Now that she’s been to every state in the nation, the national parks are next on her list.

Melissa debated between three college majors: social work, communications, and political science. All three came together in her career at Hager Sharp. Now she ponders what to grow in her garden and nicknames for her pit bull.