Lisa Matthews

Vice President
That friend who always puts you in a better mood, gets everyone working together, and tells great stories? That’s Lisa. Approachable, sociable, gracious. She’s all of those—and she’s been single-mindedly honing broadcast journalism skills since childhood. Lisa grew up listening to the news with her mother and imitating everything she heard. As a high school sophomore, she was ready to anchor an evening news show.

Today she employs nearly three decades of journalism knowledge for Hager Sharp’s clients, providing guidance on how to best frame stories, make them compelling, and share them across multimedia platforms.

Lisa gained nearly 20 years of that experience at the broadcast division of The Associated Press. Most recently, she served as planning editor, coordinating coverage for AP Television, AP Online, and AP Radio. She’s won awards for reporting—she was an integral part of the AP broadcast team that received the Edward R. Murrow Award for September 11, 2001 coverage and she received the AP’s Gramling Spirit Award in recognition of her work for member broadcasters.

Lisa earned her B.A. in communications from James Madison University and routinely returns to her alma mater to participate in career events and provide guidance to minority students.

Lisa is outgoing and enthusiastic about her work, whether it involves breaking down the news or getting to know a new colleague or client. She’s also a big fan of classic cartoons, dirty chai, and traveling.