Fabio Bolzan

Senior Graphic Designer

Driven by curiosity and industriousness, Fabio has taken apart more toys to see inside them than to actually play with them. This curiosity has led to fast-paced growth in his career as a designer.

Originally from Brazil, Fabio has been in the United States for over a year. During his professional career in São Paulo, he worked on a wide variety of projects for B2B and B2C companies—from videos to infographics, web and brand development.

Fabio has worn many hats over the years and has acquired a distinct ability do manage interdisciplinary projects and land green-hulky-solid results for companies of all sizes.

He dabbled in several jobs before becoming a graphic designer, including working as a children’s party monitor, juggler and fire breather—until he burned half his face and was forced into an early retirement. He has also worked as an interpreter, teacher and even played guitar in the streets for a day—an experiment that netted him slightly less than a dollar in profit.

Fabio went through two undergraduate programs in Brazil: one for linguistics, literature and languages and the other for digital design.

Since English is not his first language, he never wins trivia or language-based board games. He is always bothered when no one claps their hands while singing “Happy Birthday” in the United States. Clapping really makes it way happier.

Fueled by coffee and chocolate milk, Fabio is a graphic designer with a penchant for digital design. He loves video games and martial arts. Just don’t challenge him to a game of Scrabble.