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At Hager Sharp, we’ve dedicated the last 50+ years to creating communications campaigns for organizations committed to improving health, advancing education, transforming communities, and making meaningful changes in the world.

Our focus is and always will be working with mission-driven institutions, businesses, and nonprofits to create and execute ideas that make a difference. This has been our motivation since Susan Hager and Marcia Sharp founded our firm in 1973—and the reason Susan led the firm until her passing in 2008.

Today, Hager Sharp’s employee owners continue to be driven by Susan’s passion, using our professional skills to make a difference through the work we do, for the clients we serve, and in our culture. So, if your organization is motivated by improving the world more than the bottom line, we’re your kind of people. Making a difference takes a concerted effort, and we’re here to help you succeed.

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We are

Idea Driven

Every difference ever made began the same way—with an idea. “What if we…?” is commonly heard around here. Leaving the preconceived notions behind helps generate ideas that do more than break through the clutter—they rise above.

Audience Focused

We believe that understanding an audience is the critical first step to having ideas that motivate, encourage, and inspire. It’s how all our client relationships begin and why our efforts have been so successful.

Independent & Employee Owned

We aren’t tithed to a holding company whose sole motivation is the bottom line. We use our autonomy to choose to work with clients to make a difference in the world, not just in the pockets of stockholders.

Service Oriented

Not just in serving humankind, but also in the kind of service that makes life easier for our clients and partners. Knowing your issue like you do. Quality control is paramount. Open communications, always. Being vested in your cause.

DEI Committed

We are committed to ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion, and access within our company and to supporting these ideals within our clients’ organizations and within our industry. We expect the same from organizations with whom we partner.

Media Neutral

The benefit of an integrated, idea-first agency is that we’re comfortable with every medium—earned to paid, web to print, in-person to outdoor. Channel comfort zones don’t dictate our ideas. Strategy does.

Completely Integrated

Some of the finest research, strategic planning, event management, media relations, design, digital, creative, social, and earned media professionals call Hager Sharp home. We all play nice together, and our whole is greater than the sum of our parts.
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We can’t imagine not doing this.

At home, we’re tutors, coaches, blood donors, pet rescuers, volunteers, and more—making a difference in our communities. At Hager Sharp, we get to partner with like-minded clients making profound and seismic differences—in our country and around the world.

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