Who Needs Words?

Kind of a strange question coming from a communications firm. And I do get the irony of a blog that’s nothing but words about who needs words anyway. But bear with me.

Some of the most powerful commercials ever made—not a word said: VW’s The Force spot, the Navy Seals Footprints commercial, among others. In movies, some of the most tender scenes and some of the scariest have no words. And the action sequences, if there are words they’re usually incomprehensible grunts. Then there’s the whole genre of classical music. Conductors and their symphonies say so much without any of them saying a word. Yet we all experience it, and we all understand.

Now take the holiday season—a time of peace, love, faith, hope, joy. If Hallmark decided to strike each one of those words from their greeting cards—if they didn’t exist as options on Shutterfly or Snapfish—would they cease to exist this holiday season? Well, I for one would still have love for my family. Peaceful winter nights really wouldn’t feel any less peaceful. I bet we’d all still experience joy in making friends happy with just the right gift. Every kid would still hope they were on Santa’s nice list. And I’d still have faith that this too will pass.

Mike Gallagher
Senior Vice President, Creative Director