See how Hager Sharp is getting out the vote

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen an unprecedented number of Americans cast early ballots—by mail, by drop-off box, and by waiting in long lines to vote in person. A week before Election Day, 75 million Americans had already voted and that number continued to rise, with more than 93 million casting votes by the eve of the election.

At Hager Sharp, we believe voting is crucial, regardless of political party. It ensures all our voices are heard, all our viewpoints are represented, and all our elected officials meet the needs of our communities. We also believe that voting should be easy. Every American should have access to plain-language information, alternative means of voting, polling facilities, and reliable transportation.

That’s why many members of the Hager Sharp team have spent the last few months volunteering their time to get out the vote. In total, we’ve dedicated over 250 hours to increasing voter participation, defending voter rights, and ensuring a fair election. We’ve supported organizations such as Vote Forward, MomsRising, Reclaim Our Vote, Fair Fight, Election Protection, and others by writing nearly 700 letters and postcards, sending hundreds of texts, and making dozens of phone calls to voters. We’ve also worked with our local election boards and precincts across the District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, and North Carolina to serve as election judges, poll greeters, and poll watchers.

Hager Sharp is incredibly proud of our team’s dedication and is committed to reducing work-related barriers so our staff can not only support these efforts, but also have the opportunity to cast their own votes. As staff have volunteered their time, we’ve encouraged them to use Hager Hours (company-paid volunteer hours for each employee, provided annually), and we’ve also encouraged staff to use Hager Hours or flextime so they can get to the polls at a convenient time, without worrying about their workload or other personal responsibilities.

All of these efforts are one of the many ways we turn ideas that make a difference into actions that matter—and on the eve of this important Election Day, we are hopeful that our team’s efforts have made a positive impact on voter turnout so that each American’s voice is heard and every American’s vote is counted.