David Neidlinger

Senior Multimedia Producer

David Neidlinger

David is a seasoned senior multimedia producer and storyteller who is deeply experienced with a wide range of video and audio production. He loves the art of storytelling and how stories come to life in well-crafted videos. On any given day, David can be found editing long-form live-action videos, animating illustration-based PSAs, gaffing and shooting green screen video, planning a large-scale studio shoot with a custom-built set, or recording a voiceover using our brand-new in-house video production studio and VO booth. David is also highly skilled at audio mixing and mastering for standalone audio deliverables and videos.

David has a slight tech addiction, especially when it comes to the latest processors, GPUs and cameras. If the tech can improve the quality and speed of production, he’s all over it.

Outside of work, David loves spending time in the mountains with his amazing dog. He’ll choose mountains and snow over a sunny beach any day of the week.

David’s kind of obsessed with his amazing superpup.

David Neidlinger

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