Ode to the Copywriter

The copywriter is a chameleon, writing as Hemingway in the morning, Dave Barry in the afternoon,
Maya Angelou at night, and Dr. Seuss when the need arises.
The copywriter knows how to write a video with no words.
A radio spot that makes you see.
A post you’ll want to click that isn’t clickbait.
A website you’ll come back to again and again.
The copywriter knows how to read a strategy and write one, too.
S/he knows how to find the right voice… or how to create the right voice if none is to be found.
The copywriter is never limited by subject matter; in fact, s/he always welcomes the opportunity to learn more.
The copywriter was fine with 140 characters because s/he says more with less.
The copywriter is not a grant writer, journalist, or technical writer,
but will happily ghost write for each of them if asked.
The copywriter knows insights are the key to reaching an audience.
S/he can write headlines, subheads, content, copy, taglines, and straplines—and knows the difference between each one of them.
Most of all, the copywriter is an idea person.
As such, s/he is never satisfied with the first idea, and rarely the 5th or 6th.
The copywriter is not dead.
The copywriter is alive and well at Hager Sharp.
And we’re looking for more.


Send a link to your portfolio to mgallagher@hagersharp.com

Mike Gallagher
Senior Vice President, Creative Director

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