Education Team Wins Creative Awards for National Assessment of Educational Progress Efforts

Hager Sharp’s education team recently won a series of awards for a video and campaign it created for the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), which is administered by the National Center for Education Statistics in the U.S. Department of Education.

The first project distills the entire Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) assessment in a 3.5 minute video. TEL is the latest innovation from the National Center for Education Statistics. The video’s strengths lie in its use of plain language, engaging visuals, and an approachable format. It won a gold W3 Award, a platinum MarCom Award, and an Innovator Summit Emerging Media Award.

The second effort, a multimedia campaign for the NAEP Mathematics Curriculum Study, involved a video, infographic, and infocard for social media. The highlights video, Inside America’s Math Courses, was a first for NAEP. Not only did it include remarks from expert panelists, it also featured the voices and opinions of parents and students reacting to the results of the study. Together, the campaign won a gold MarCom Award.

Over the past decade, Hager Sharp has helped brand NAEP as “The Nation’s Report Card,” improve student participation rates, develop award-winning videos and other materials, and provide operational support for NAEP’s critical path activities. These innovative products align with NAEP’s plans to transform how students are assessed and what skills can be measured in upcoming years, using new ways to share data and engage education stakeholders, parents, and students.

Source: Hager Sharp News

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