We are thrilled to share that Hager Sharp has been named to PR Daily’s Top Agencies List for 2022.

PR Daily’s Top Agencies Awards celebrate firms that create compelling work for their clients and have redefined the industry with their groundbreaking approaches. The 2022 list was curated based on work completed between November 2020 and November 2021.

For Hager Sharp, winning this award this year is a true testament to our resilience and dedication to developing and executing ideas that make a difference. Despite navigating unprecedented times, we were able to generate some of our most innovative solutions yet. We adapted our services to overcome pandemic-related barriers and deployed our skills to engage in pandemic-driven conversations such as access to healthcare—each of which contributed to the well-being of our community.

The secret to our success? We directed our attention inward, not outward. To maintain and even elevate the quality of our client service and work product, we needed to first care for ourselves. We engaged in courageous conversations and prioritized staff well-being through various efforts, allowing creative and strategic thinking to flourish. And in doing so, we became better equipped to rededicate ourselves to our clients and their needs.

“Hager Sharp set themselves apart from an outstanding field of entrants. Their work was exceptional and displayed their innovative strategies for achieving success,” said Brendan Gannon, Senior Marketing Manager for Awards Programs at Ragan Communications.

“This year was a challenging one in so many ways. Our staff displayed remarkable creativity in navigating those challenges and I am extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” said Jennifer Wayman, President and Chief Executive Officer. “It is an honor to be recognized for our team’s effort to carry on Hager Sharp’s legacy of making a positive difference for each other and for our clients.”

It is a privilege to have been named to PR Daily’s Top Agencies List for 2022, and we look forward to continuing to bring our best selves to the table for our clients.


To learn more about the innovative work being done at Hager Sharp, visit: https://hagersharp.com/our-work/.

To learn more about the PR Daily’s Top Agencies Awards, visit: https://www.prdaily.com/awards/events/top-agencies-awards-2022/#writeup-hager-sharp-8.