Samantha Stocksdale, MS

Business Development and Marketing Coordinator

Samantha started her career focused on influencer marketing, brand positioning, and audience engagement. Passionate about community wellness and success, she joined a community branding initiative aimed at revitalizing underserved areas in West Virginia. Prioritizing stakeholder and community engagement, Samantha and the team were able to gain resident buy-in, empowering the community to contribute to the overall development of their town. With time and some encouragement, she watched residents rediscover and regain ownership of their narrative. With the support of communications specialists, the community and its government entities were finally equipped to showcase and promote their offerings with pride and confidence. Through this transition, Samantha realized the importance of connecting community-focused organizations with seasoned and strategic communications experts, leading her to pursue a career in business development at Hager Sharp.

As a business development and marketing coordinator, Samantha supports Hager Sharp’s new business efforts, monitors and tracks the performance of those efforts, and works to promote and position the agency as a leader in the public health, education, and labor and economy space. Samantha attended West Virginia University, where she earned her bachelor’s in strategic communications with minors in leadership studies and event planning. Continuing her education at her alma mater, she received her master’s in data marketing communications in December of 2020. She draws upon her experience working with commercial, government, and non-profit clients and is dedicated to developing data-driven and research-based strategies. Her work has spanned across topic areas, including economic development, tobacco and e-cigarette cessation, and virtual education/wellness program adoption.

Sam’s favorite pastime: hiking and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles.