Natalya Maltseva


Beyond her Magic Wand, Natalya wields other potent implements such as a Healing Brush and a Patch Tool for more benevolent deeds, and Burn, Slice, and Smudge Tools for the inglorious ones. Given her upbringing in the somber woods of the Eastern Bloc and tendency for enigmatic comportment, most of her coworkers suspect she might be a spy.

Moving to the city of Philadelphia is the only black mark on an otherwise perfect series of life choices, but it’s where she gained her expertise in design. She has a keen eye for color, typography, and composition—the same eye with which she may or may not be watching you right now. Inexplicably, there are no more frogs left in Philly.

Natalya’s power to alter reality makes her most sought-after. She comes equipped with a Magic Wand that can turn a frog into a prince and a prince back into a frog.