Mike Gallagher


Mike is an accomplished and sought-after leader in the field of strategic idea development and creative services. With over 20 years of experience in D.C.-centric communications firms, he knows the nuances of developing successful campaigns for public sector clients, including foundations, associations, and federal agencies. As Hager Sharp’s executive creative director, Mike leads a team of agile and seasoned creatives in support of every client and across all account teams. Together they assist in the development of cross-media PSA campaigns, videos, websites, social media campaigns, internal branding initiatives, graphic identities, and full-length publications.

When not in the office, Mike can be found coaching his kids, looking for new can designs to add to his beer can collection or trying to beat his bicycle commute time.

Mike is an Emmy-winning writer who gained his knack for storytelling from his history teacher mom, his appreciation of multiple perspectives from his diplomat father, and his love of beer from those two years stationed in West Germany.