Martin Nugent


In his 15 years of advertising experience, Martin has tapped into a lifetime of wisdom to hone skills as a project facilitator, organizer, negotiator, problem solver, and disaster averter. Molded by a military background, his organizational skills have been used to direct people, projects, and events. Martin has a sense for spotting potential trouble that has allowed projects under his direction to flow with minimal disruptions. Whether providing production assistance on a video shoot or coordinating the execution of a multi-tiered advertising campaign, he brings a keen eye and a thoughtful mind to every assignment. He possesses a variety of skills in ad trafficking, project management, quality control, digital media, production assistance and logistics, event planning, public health communications, and social marketing.

A true local, long-suffering Bullets/Wizards fan, Martin has an appetite for travel, screenwriting, YouTube-inspired appliance repairs, and European board games.