Charlie Butler


Charlie’s always had an interest in the different aspects of messages—from how they’re written to the impact they can leave on others. This interest, paired with his desire to help others, has led Charlie to work on communications efforts for various organizations involved in disability advocacy, criminal justice reform, environmental advocacy, and community development.

As a member of the education team at Hager Sharp, Charlie uses his diverse work experience to provide project support to clients aiming to advance important issues in education, such as the National Center for Educational Statistics through the National Assessment of Educational Progress and Lumina Foundation. Charlie offers general support in this space, from media outreach and public relations to materials development and media monitoring and analysis.

Charlie earned his BA in international studies with a concentration in conflict, peace, and diplomacy from Miami University (in Ohio), where he also played rugby for four years. When he’s not in the office, you can find him at one of DC’s many concert venues, planning his next international trip, taking photos, or trying to compete in online multiplayer games.

As a proud owner of shoes that have been on four continents, Charlie revels in international travel and interacting with different cultures. He’s also a strong supporter of electronic music, video games, and coffee.