Cecily Dumas, M.A.


Cecily knows how to create opportunities and resources that motivate audiences—whether that means building partnerships with video game producers and health care associations, developing engaging materials for tween girls and former smokers, or providing technical assistance to on-the-ground nutrition education program leaders. A big-picture thinker with an eye for detail, Cecily manages a variety of client programs while also serving as a go-to writer and quality control expert. Passionate about edutainment, Cecily leads Hager Sharp’s related work, including cultivating relationships in the entertainment industry. Fun fact: She has gotten her clients on Jeopardy! and Grey’s Anatomy.

Clients love her for being a health communications enthusiast, grammar nerd, and partnership facilitator. Her co-workers love her for her quick wit and constant smile. She loves working with experts who have fun while developing ideas that make a difference.