Candace M. Kent, MPS


Described by those who know her best as determined, thoughtful, and witty, Candace serves in a variety of capacities on the education team. She is the task lead for Hager Sharp’s support of the National Assessment of Educational Progress’ reporting—writing and developing outreach materials, messaging documents, and release announcements. As the communications lead on the Lumina Impact Ventures account, she helps design communication strategies that require community engagement, stakeholder buy-in, and meaningful partnerships for success. Candace also oversees project and event management aspects related to the National Center for Education Statistics-Synergy Enterprises Inc. contract.

Previously, Candace worked in communications for an education nonprofit organization, public relations for various fashion companies, and communications consultation services to new businesses.

Whether developing a communications plan, writing messages, conducting research, or producing compelling video content, she consistently prioritizes telling the truth. Additionally, Candace has the knack for providing useful fashion tips and the proper tone to serve as a strategic advisor.

Candace holds a BA in English from the University of Mary Washington and received her MPS in public relations and corporate communications from Georgetown University.

In her “me” time, Candace enjoys good music, horseback riding, and reminiscing about shooting free throws with Michael Jordan. When she’s with her family or friends, it usually involves good food and better conversation.