Anya Kaszubowski


Coming from a family of engineers and left brains, no one is quite sure how Anya got her artsy flair. What’s certain is that using design for good at Hager Sharp is one way for her to make the world a better place. Born and raised in Norfolk, VA as well as a recent graduate, Anya is excited for life in DC with her two cats.

Serving on the creative team, she helps to generate ideas, tell stories and create interesting visuals to meet the needs of our clients across Health and Education. Anya has design experience spanning everything from print collateral and branding materials to digital advertising and graphics. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from James Madison University where she also worked as a student designer for JMU’s Health Center and (fun fact) sang/beatboxed in an A Cappella group.

In addition to loving dessert, traveling and all things spooky, Anya’s greatest passion, aside from art and design, is and will forever be cats.