Fiercely independent, each of us are proud owners of Hager Sharp. We own the company, define our culture, and have exceedingly high expectations for ourselves and of each other. We’re driven to make a difference in the world and within our communities, and we’re rewarded for our efforts.

Hager Sharp is a place where extraordinary ideas are championed, where diversity and inclusivity are the norm, where we are humbled and energized by giving back, and where we celebrate individual and firm-wide successes with equal vigor. We are experts, we are leaders, we are visionaries, and we are tenacious. We also know how to get down when the beat drops.

If you’ve grown weary from slogging through countless bland, faceless jobs, if the “impossible” ideas in your head keep you up at night, and if you know that you’re destined to do better, then you’ve found the right place.

Welcome to the change you’ve been looking for. We’ve been waiting for you.

HS Careers Take Ownership

Take Ownership

We’re an employee-owned company, so everyone at Hager Sharp who qualifies owns a portion of company stock at no cost—ownership is based on time at the firm and number of hours worked annually, with additional stock received every year for as long as we work here. That’s not a typo: That’s a serious investment we make in you, and that’s why we hold each other accountable to such high standards.

HS Careers We've Got Your Back 1

We’ve Got Your Back

Our commitment to your success starts on Day One. We’re serious about fully integrating you into our company and making your transition as smooth as possible. No, really, once you’re hired, you’ll have your very own buddy to answer your questions, introduce you around, take you to lunch, and be here to support you every day after your Day One.

It Only Gets Better

The longer you work at Hager Sharp, the more vacation time you get. There’s 401k investment (including automatic contributions separate from your personal contributions), tuition reimbursement, regular opportunities for professional development, and a great lunch at a nice restaurant on your anniversary. We have paid maternity leave, and we’re always up for oodles of baby pics!

And how about this: On your 10th anniversary, we will send you and your partner on a free trip! We’ll cover airfare, hotel and add extra vacation time to cover your fabulous trip. Where would you like to go?

HS Careers It Only Gets Better

Hager Sharp Day

Every year, we spend a day away from the office to celebrate us and our accomplishments and hear about the amazing opportunities to make next year even better. You’ll learn more about your colleagues, have some laughs, eat tasty food, and sip on well-deserved ice-cold beverages. Previous Hager Sharp Days have been at a cooking school, a gourmet catered picnic in the countryside, and an Annapolis cruise with all-you-can-eat seafood. It’s ok to drool now, as long as you send us pics.

HS Careers Hager Sharp Day
HS Careers We Want To Hear From You

We Want to Hear From You

Your voice is heard and respected here. We want your suggestions, concerns, and ideas because we want you to thrive. The Employee Owners Council works with senior leadership on solutions for any issues that staff bring up. It’s simple: Great ideas come from everyone, and we all do better when they’re shared.

HS Careers The Cart

The Cart

Wait, did a cart overflowing with drinks and snacks just roll by? And was a senior leader pushing the cart and thanking folks for their hard work? If this happens to you, chances are that you’re at Hager Sharp and doing mighty fine work. You definitely don’t want to miss out.

Oh, we also pop bottles when something big happens—that’s just what we do here.

Business or Pleasure?

We want you to take a prospective client to a Nationals game using our season tickets! You also have the opportunity to go to a game on our dime if we aren’t taking a prospective client along. Let’s play ball!

HS Careers Business Or Pleasure

We Pay It Forward

We know you want to make the world a better place, so you get paid leave to volunteer at your favorite local nonprofit organization. You heard right: every Hager Sharp employee has a special bank of paid time – apart from your vacation hours – where you can take off during normal business hours to volunteer. It’s win-win and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

HS We Pay It Forward
HS Careers Keep Us Who We Are

Keep Us Who We Are

We are proud to be Hager Sharp. We fiercely defend our uniqueness and independence and want every employee to soak in the culture. So, our Culture Committee meets quarterly to plan potlucks, volunteer opportunities, special company events including Hager Sharp Day, our greatly anticipated annual holiday party, and more. Your involvement helps keep Hager Sharp who we are.

If we sound like your kind of place, let us know. Check out the open positions below. Hager Sharp is an Equal Opportunity Employer.