The Cycle of Social Marketing

The cyclical nature of social marketing guarantees that a communications expert’s job is never done. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On Wednesday, June 24, Hager Sharp and the International Social Marketing Association (iSMA) hosted a conversation about social marketing and cancer prevention. Shelly Spoeth, Vice President of Hager Sharp, Inc., and Wendy Moniz, Executive Vice President of Plowshare Group spoke about their experiences with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on HPV vaccination and smoking cessation. While each campaign is unique, they had one thing in common: their campaign strategies are continually revisited throughout the campaign’s duration.

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Digital Tools Still Need a Human Touch

By Kelsey Balimtas and Rachel White

While technology is driving change in our industry, there’s still no substitute for relationship building. Our time spent at the Convergence in Communications Conference (3C15) on March 6 illustrated that a human touch is necessary for communicators to effectively conduct research, establish and maintain partnerships, and design communication strategies.

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Event – Digital Aid: Lessons Learned from the Ebola Crisis

In response to the ongoing Ebola Crisis in West Africa, an international community of relief workers and health experts is harnessing the power of technology to combat the epidemic. Come hear insights from a distinguished panel, including Ebola Czar Ron Klain and Esri Founder Jack Dangermond; other esteemed panelists to be announced from healthcare providers, government agencies,startups and aid organizations. The group will address the success stories, obstacles, and lessons learned from the outbreak in an effort to advance tactics in the fields of infectious disease and disaster response.

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Changing the Way We Measure Our Economy

By Darcy Sawatzki, M.A.

GDP, a.k.a Gross Domestic Product: the granddaddy of all economic indicators.

Since it was devised in the 1930s by economist Simon Kuznets, the concept of the GDP has weathered its fair share of criticism. In fact, Kuznets himself, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for his illustrious work, talked openly about the limits of the GDP as an indicator of the economic health of a country.

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