The Benefits of Balanced Conversations

I recently attended an event entitled “A Crisis of Trust: Pharma and Healthcare Beyond 2016”. It was a panel discussion which included representatives from healthcare associations, payers, the media, and academia. I was eagerly anticipating discussion of the reputational crises many pharmaceutical companies and the industry in general are facing, as well as conversation around what resulting changes we might expect in the industry as it moves ahead – beyond 2016 as the title of the event implied.

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Conversations that Make a Difference: Hot Topics in Health Communications

Hager Sharp launched a new series of networking events for communicators and social marketers on Tuesday, October 25th, and I was thrilled to be a part of it. The Conversations that Make a Difference series will focus on current events, particularly in health and education, as well as current topics that impact our profession, such as emerging trends in media, literacy challenges, and evaluation.

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Women’s Health Communications: Decades in the Making

First Lady Michelle Obama has said that “communities, and countries, and ultimately the world, are only as strong as the health of their women.”

For so many reasons, women’s health is fundamental to a healthy society. The value of healthy mothers producing healthy babies is clear; the value of other aspects of women’s health perhaps less so. For example, ensuring strong mental health across women of all ages, making certain girls grow up free from trauma, and providing medical treatments that are appropriate for the varied body compositions of our mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers – have historically not been equally prioritized.

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The Tried, the True and the New in MEDIA STRATEGY

As I moderated this year’s annual media roundtable for Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR), I heard a number of familiar themes – keep pitches short, keep pitches relevant, know who you’re pitching. Some things will likely never change as public relations professionals look for better ways to engage traditional media.

What’s newer is the relative importance of press releases, social media engagement and paid versus earned.

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