Why We March: Insights from Social and Behavioral Science

This is not a political post. Really.

On January 21, 2017, I had the pleasure of participating in the Women’s March on Washington with one of my dear friends from college. We each had our personal reasons for marching, as did the other hundreds of thousands of Americans who also marched that day in DC and around the country. This was evident in the myriad topics that were highlighted across signs, banners, and chants that we saw and spoke that day.

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Young, but not Invincible

For many young people, getting health insurance is not at the top of their to-do list. If you’re healthy, rarely get sick, and never go to the doctor, why would obtaining insurance be a priority? It certainly wasn’t a priority for me. However, at age 23, I was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease.

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The Making of an Animated Video: Hager Sharp Holiday Edition

Every winter, communications firms all over struggle with the same thing: what are we going to do for the agency holiday card?

In 2016 we created an animated video to share with family, friends and clients. It gave us the chance to put some of our creative skills to use, and support a good cause in the process. The script is lyrical, the characters a bit quirky, the final message uplifting. We also thought this would be a great opportunity to document and share the process of creating an animated video.

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Continuing Education: Kindling the Flame for Lifelong Learners

Happy new year! Do you have resolutions on your mind? Consider making 2017 a year of professional and personal education and growth through dedicated learning.

Walk the halls of Hager Sharp and you’ll find employees with myriad backgrounds and various combinations of letters after our names. While many Hager Sharpers are no longer students in the formal education system, we constantly circulate, attend, and share learnings from professional development opportunities with our colleagues. Having recently worked toward and achieved the Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES) professional credential, I’ve had time to reflect on why credentialing—and the continuing education that comes with it—is such an important pursuit in our work. Here are four benefits of lifelong learning:

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Giving the Gift of Hope

“Anyone can succeed when someone believes in them.”  -Nicole Lynn Lewis, founder and executive director of Generation Hope

Fewer than 2 percent of teen mothers finish college by age 30, so when Nicole Lynn Lewis became a mother at age 19, the odds were stacked against her. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Generation Hope, a nonprofit in Washington, DC, that matches current and former teen parents now working their way through college with mentors who will help them with the real-life struggles that come with their dual roles as students and parents. Since its founding in 2010, Generation Hope has helped 19 teen mothers earn college degrees, with 13 more scholars slated to graduate in 2017.

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