Putting the spotlight on effective arts integration programs.

Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts


As the flagship education program of Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts has cultivated an early learning program that engages students and teachers in joyful, active learning. To have a broader impact, Wolf Trap Institute wanted to expand its communications efforts to engage more schools in their programs and amplify the value of the arts in education across the nation.


Hager Sharp partnered with Wolf Trap Institute for several years, telling its story and expanding its reach to new audiences. With strategic planning, digital engagement, and materials development as our tools, we helped Wolf Trap Institute advance high-quality early childhood education, arts integration, and professional development for educators.


Hager Sharp strengthened Wolf Trap Institute’s communications foundation and made great strides toward raising awareness about the program and establishing Wolf Trap Institute as a thought leader in the education field.

Filmed on location in participating classrooms, Hager Sharp created a brand essence video that captured the spirit of Wolf Trap Institute.

The conversation about what works in education is regularly happening online, particularly on social media channels such as X (formerly Twitter). Hager Sharp developed a social media strategy which focused on establishing an X presence for Wolf Trap Institute. The goal was to develop a deeper understanding of Wolf Trap Institute’s programs and expertise and build an engaged online community. Recognizing the capacity challenges of maintaining a social media presence, we developed content planners and community management tools and crafted a collaborative approach for implementation.

Hager Sharp conducted an environmental scan and in-depth interviews to learn what drives stakeholder engagement. We used the findings to develop a comprehensive communications plan and message map.