Reimagining USDA’s social marketing campaign for a new generation of low-income, breastfeeding moms.

USDA: WIC Breastfeeding Support Campaign


In 1997, USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) launched Loving Support Makes Breastfeeding Work, a social marketing campaign aimed at improving breastfeeding rates among mothers enrolled in WIC. Nearly two decades after its launch, FNS engaged Hager Sharp to update Loving Support. Taking into consideration the outdated campaign brand, significant changes in the technological landscape, and shifts in breastfeeding policy, Hager Sharp embarked on a journey to reimagine Loving Support for a new generation of WIC participants.


Using insights from our research, Hager Sharp recommended one overarching campaign strategy: position WIC as the go-to resource for breastfeeding information and support by tapping into a feeling of empowerment and letting moms know they are not alone on their breastfeeding journey. Ultimately, it was crucial that the campaign brand and all touchpoints assured moms that they could make it to the next day, week, or month—and that WIC was there every step of the way with information, advice, and support.


Hager Sharp pioneered USDA FNS’ use of innovative research methodologies, including mobile ethnography, to capture insights for a comprehensive, research-informed social marketing plan.

With our innovative mobile ethnography approach, we immersed ourselves in the lives of our audience to understand their challenges and triumphs of breastfeeding as they were occurring.

We used the 4Ps framework—or “marketing mix”—applying commercial marketing principles around product, price, place, and promotion to ensure our campaign was audience-centric and addressed WIC moms’ needs.

We developed a logo that symbolizes love and connection, representing the bond between a mom and her baby, as well as the bond moms develop with WIC.