Communicating data insights from federal studies to inform efforts to improve K–12 education.

U.S. Department of Education


How well do we prepare all students to succeed in the global economy? Do U.S. adults have the skills to be competitive? To answer these questions, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conducts nationally representative surveys and international assessments to learn what American students, from Pre-K through higher education and beyond, know and can do. Hager Sharp has helped NCES inform audiences with data insights for two decades.


We have conducted audience research and helped recruit study participants; developed communications plans along with messaging, branding, and materials for studies; and helped disseminate NCES reports to policymakers, educators, and the public through media relations, conference participation, and outreach. We’ve worked closely with NCES to communicate the value of data collection, and we’ve organized briefings and outreach for education thought leaders and policymakers to help them put the data to use.


Hager Sharp’s unique experience led to an invitation to represent the U.S. on a task force on reporting international assessment results.

We supported the development and design of NCES’s Strategic Plan and an engagement strategy for getting feedback and disseminating it to stakeholders.

When NCES postponed the National Assessment of Educational Progress due to pandemic school disruptions, Hager Sharp created a communications plan and implemented activities to inform necessary stakeholders. We also supported NCES’s plans for an innovative new monthly survey to gauge the impact of the health crisis on schools, and we planned and produced a national virtual Reading Summit to convene experts around achievement indicators and research-based practices.

Hager Sharp creates media plans, conducts outreach, and manages media briefings for the release of dozens of NCES studies each year.