Informing the American public about what the country’s students know and can do.

The Nation’s Report Card


Reliable student achievement data is essential for improving education. But how do you best translate complex assessment data into information that can help policymakers and educators improve the lives of American students? When the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) needed help communicating the results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as The Nation’s Report Card, Hager Sharp developed an integrated plan that included materials development, stakeholder engagement, presentation support, assessment operations and logistics support, data visualization, and more.


Hager Sharp approaches each NAEP release with an eye toward creating clear and compelling messaging that conveys the importance of NAEP results and elevates The Nation’s Report Card brand; an effective media strategy and release protocol to ensure broad, accurate news coverage; and ongoing communications and outreach to ensure the data continues to inform and engage key audiences.


The release of NAEP results is a highly anticipated media event that consistently garners coverage in the nation’s premier news outlets.

Our release activities include developing key messages, social media posts, presentations, and media plans; visual storytelling; and leading media outreach—including coordinating embargoed access to the data in compliance with OMB Statistical Directives.

Communications, dissemination, outreach, and operations activities for NAEP are aligned with the goals and objectives in the NCES Strategic Plan. Hager Sharp ensures the Center’s data products are presented in a range of formats across digital and print platforms to reach key audiences; support the effectiveness of program operations and regulatory requirements; engage partners and key stakeholders; and illuminate problem areas and guide solutions.

Even before the assessment is administered, Hager Sharp conducts formative research that informs how schools and students are recruited to take the assessment, ensuring optimal participation among schools nationwide.