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Solving the Opioid Crisis Requires a Social Marketing Approach

I was dependent on opioids. For a week. Two summers ago, following foot surgery, I experienced excruciating, constant pain that made four childbirths—including one C-section recovery—seem like an inconvenient headache. I took the opioid painkiller that my surgeon provided. It didn’t erase the pain but it did make it slightly more bearable. After a week, I finally felt better enough to switch to extra strength Tylenol. When I made that switch, I felt absolutely awful. Nausea, tiredness, sweats, depression, etc. At first, I thought it was the flu but that made no sense because I hadn’t left the house at all and no one in my house was sick. Then I started to put two and two together and I did some research on the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. With the exception of opiate cravings, I had them all. I was shocked that this happened after taking prescribed painkillers for just one week.

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Hager Sharp Wins Top Honors at the PRSA 2017 Thoth Awards

 Receives Best of Show, Research, Crisis Communications, Public Service, and Website Awards

WASHINGTON – October 13, 2017 – Hager Sharp took home five awards, including “Best of Show,” at the 49th annual Public Relations Society of America National Capital Chapter (PRSA-NCC) Thoth Awards Gala and Ceremony at the National Press Club last night.

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I Took the Leap From Nonprofits to Agency Life. This is What I’ve Learned.

I came to Hager Sharp just three years out of college, and in that time, I had solely worked for nonprofit and advocacy organizations. I honestly never saw myself leaving that world (at least, not so soon), and I felt like a fish out of water when I moved to a communications agency.

Transitioning from a work environment that was reactive, responsive, and quick to act to an agency that offers a measured, strategic, and thoughtful approach proved difficult and, at times, intimidating. But jumping into a new work environment taught me that loving your job extends beyond industry bounds.

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