A Recap of This Week’s Top News – February 9, 2024

Changes to policy, scientific discovery, and expert recommendations and opinions all have the power to rapidly influence the landscape of a sector. Whether you’re a leader at a non-profit, a member of a university’s marketing department, or a stakeholder for a public health agency, being informed about the latest industry happenings can be the difference between exceeding and falling short of organizational goals. At Hager Sharp, our experts vigorously scan media coverage to identify areas of opportunity. And now, with the introduction of the Sharp Round-Up, you too can review what we consider to be some of the top news of the week.

Below, you will find a compilation of news spanning the health and education, labor, and economy sectors. This list includes mainstream, DC-focused, and trade publication coverage from Saturday, February 3, to Friday, February 9. Let these clips serve as a resource when developing thoughtful strategies and use them to further foster organizational innovation and adaptability.

Here’s what you need to know.

Education News:

  • Ivy League university Dartmouth College announced this week that they would reinstate the SAT and ACT requirements for applicants in the 2024–2025 cycle, according to an NPR Like many other colleges and universities, Dartmouth chose to enact test-optional policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dartmouth’s decision comes as recent research indicates that standardized testing scores may help first-generation and low-income students get accepted.
  • Career and technical education courses in high schools are gaining popularity, but experts say more research is needed before they can prove the courses’ efficacy. An article by the Washington Post says there is a data disconnect when a K-12 student goes to college and/or joins the workforce, leading to little data on how the courses actually prepare students.
  • Amidst learning recoveries from the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are concerned that students won’t fully catch up to pre-pandemic learning levels before the $122 billion federal aid package expires this September, according to the New York Times. Experts also worry that gaps in inequity—which existed pre-pandemic—have only worsened since recovery began.

Health News:

  • The Washington Post released an analysis showing that Native American people are less likely to get a spot on the national liver transplant list when compared to other racial groups. According to the article, Native Americans also have the highest rate of death from liver disease.
  • This week, the White House announced plans to partner with the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS, PGA Tour, and NWSL to encourage physical activity and nutritious eating as a part of the Administration’s Challenge to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities. A CNN article said more partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks.
  • New research suggests that you may want to alternate arms for each vaccine dose you receive to “produce a more powerful immune response,” said a New York Times If confirmed by future research, the findings may apply to any multidose vaccine, including routine childhood vaccinations. The research focused specifically on the COVID-19 vaccine.