A Recap of This Week’s Top News – December 22, 2023

Changes to policy, scientific discovery, and expert recommendations and opinions all have the power to rapidly influence the landscape of a sector. Whether you’re a leader at a non-profit, a member of a university’s marketing department, or a stakeholder for a public health agency, being informed about the latest industry happenings can be the difference between exceeding and falling short of organizational goals. At Hager Sharp, our experts vigorously scan media coverage to identify areas of opportunity. And now, with the introduction of the Sharp Round-Up, you too can review what we consider to be some of the top news of the week.

Below you will find a compilation of news spanning the health and education, labor, and economy sectors. This list includes mainstream, DC-focused, and trade publication coverage from Saturday, December 16, to Friday, December 22. Let these clips serve as a resource when developing thoughtful strategies and use them to further foster organizational innovation and adaptability.

Here’s what you need to know.

Education News:

  • Chronic absenteeism in Washington D.C. and in school districts around the nation remains high. School leaders, lawmakers, and community organizers are vexed on how to keep students in school. Principals and staff are forced to get creative with pizza parties or even making wake-up calls.
  • The U.S. Education Department recently released updates for borrowers pursuing student loan forgiveness under an initiative called the IDR Account Adjustment. This temporary program can provide borrowers retroactive credit toward their loan forgiveness milestones under income-driven repayment loans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Health News:

Perspectives and Opinions:

  • A doctor provides ten tips to help readers live better. The list includes eating more magnesium rich foods, using a simple skin-care routine to keep skin looking and feeling healthy, incorporating a variety of flavors into meals to prevent a post-meal sweet craving, and more.