Cathryn Panganiban

Account Executive

Cathryn works with Hager Sharp’s Education team, providing technical and operational support and all around positive vibes. Through this role, she is able to combine her interests and skills in strategic communication and technology to deliver impactful messages critical to promoting the nation’s education agenda. She has additional experience in teaching ESL, higher education, qualitative research, web development, social media, and marketing strategy.

As testament to her overachievement (or expertise in making life more difficult than it should be), Cathryn will receive both her M.A. in International Communication from the School of International Service and M.B.A. from the Kogod School of Business at American University on May 2016. Cathryn is also a Bruin, having studied linguistics and anthropology at UCLA. Her retirement goal is to operate her own Bed & Breakfast at some scenic location with an abundance of fresh produce and wine.

Cathryn’s SoCal upbringing has made her appreciative of kale smoothies, sandy beaches, and perpetual sunshine. When not working with clients, you’ll most likely find her planning her next meal, global adventure, or both.